About Goose House

Goose house (グースハウス) is a Japanese music group. At first, they were called "PlayYou.House," but they changed their name into "Goose house" in 2011. They mainly did activities on YouTube after performing live stream music on their USTREAM channel about once a month.

Since 2011, Goose house now has over 881,688 subscribers, with their videos earning over 325 million views. Besides doing covers of Japanese songs, they also compose their own songs.

We are Goose house, a gathering of singer-songwriters.
We created this group for the purpose of enjoying music, be it major label or indie.
We give acoustic performances of both cover songs and originals.
We do a USTREAM LIVE once a month and also upload videos to YOU TUBE.

—Goose House



Kei Takebuchi [竹渕慶]

Graduate at 25 January 2014

Shuhei Kudo [工藤秀平]

Rioka Kanda [神田莉緒香]
Graduate at 9 March 2013

Migiwa Takezawa [竹澤汀]

Kimura Masahide [木村正英]
Graduate at 1 October 2011

Manami [マナミ] (Manami Kobayashi)

Sayaka [沙夜香] (Sayaka Sekiguchi)

Wasshuu (Watanabe Shuuhei [ワタナベシュウヘイ])

Saito Johnny [齊藤ジョニー] (Hiroyuki Saito)

More : goosehouse.jp